Bush Hair 3

REF 00004
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Oil painting on canvas

90 cm x 60 cm


This painting belongs to a series called Bush Hair: portraits that intend to be visual metaphors of identities in transition, disintegration and reconstruction. Bush Hair 1 aims to uncover the magical realism, which inhabits Australia’s multicultural landscape, with its new identities and unique cultural connections. Moreover, it holds a deeper meanings inspired by a shift of consciousness, a spiritual awakening, and a strong concerned with the intrinsic relationship that exists between nature, the human spirit and the identity. The model for this portrait was of Indian background.
While exploring stories of diaspora and myths in Melbourne’s demographic, it became evident that experiences of relocation unfold deep spiritual and social transformations that affect the public consciousness. Hereby, Peña is drawn to the possibility of creating art that serves as a window to alternative realities, which enables processes of reconciliation with past memories, the self and our natural environment.
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