María Peña started her career as a fine artist studying painting and ceramics in the Art School Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá ASAB, in Colombia, where she graduated in 2003.   In October, 2000 Maria was selected amongst  30 artists to represent Colombia in the 8th International Arts Festival of  Museo Ex-Teresa Arte Actual in México. The following  four years Maria participated in collective exhibitions in  Bogotá and Medellín/Colombia, with the series of paintings “Ergonomic Species”.


In 2004 she travelled to Australia in order to pursue a research program in visual arts  at RMIT University in Melbourne.  During this time she explored around the theme of Diaspora and the hybrid identities through her artwork “Bodies in Transit”,  a series of sculptural pieces of human presences  elaborated with fabric and embroidering and a series of paintings  entitled “Disappeared House”.  Currently Maria  depicts the theme of memory and identity in her oil paintings on canvas, in sculptural fabric pieces and installation projects.  Her artwork has developed between Australia and Colombia through solo and collective shows, artist in residency programs and  specific projects. Up to now she has participated in solo and collective shows in Colombia, Australia, Mexico, China, Italy, India and the United Arab Emirates.


Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

E mail:   maria.penabriceno©  






Peña´s recent works attempt to overlap images of past and  present , offering traces  to remember and imagine a new re-constructed home and identity, as well as evoking places and people. By opening a different reality on the people’s heads appearing in the paintings or sculptural pieces Maria intends to capture the memory, bringing a past and future vision  that the viewer is invited  to  decipher.  The undefined and unfolded faces possibly will involve and make the viewer participate of his/her own experience, expecting that these presences awake their memories and origins to their nature and to their own absurd and mythical beings. 

Walls, chairs and stones are constantly appearing in her work.  These elements  depict  a poetic space  where an absent presence may be announce. Peña states that her art evokes remembrances and oblivions of home, spaces for the memory, connections with the roots, a blurred identity in re-construction. 

María Peña´s art has a strong influence from sub-realism concepts and referents from visual and cultural theory.  The theme of memory and identity, absent-presence, sense of longing and myth persistent in her art.




  • 2007. Graduate Diploma in Education.  Australian Catholic University. Teaching Methods:  Visual Arts and LOTE (Spanish).  Melbourne.

  • 2007. Doctorate of Fine Arts.  RMIT University.   Major in Art installation and Video Art. Melbourne

  • 2003. Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Major in Painting and two dimensional Art.  Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá, Colombia.




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  • June 2014.  “The Fabric of time”.  Springr Community Artists Space. Kochi. India. (Artist in Residency Program)

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  • 2014, Endeavour Language Teacher Award. Don Quijote School. Sponsored by the Department of Education of Australia.  Salamanca, Spain.

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